BMW and other car owners got their data breached

UK car owners got their data compromised. About half of a million car owners got their data exposed, the individuals including BMW, Hyundai, SEAT, Mercedes and Honda owners. There were more than 384 thousand owners of BMW.

A call centre that provides services for car manufacturers in UK discovered the theft of a database. The stolen records, the date of creation of which was between 2016 and 2018, were going to be put up for sale on the dark web.

The KelvinSecurity Team, the team which breached the data, is very popular on the dark web forums and is notorious for selling data belonging to U.S. government contractors and information about Russian military weapons.

The leaked details included names of car owners, addresses, license plate numbers, etc.

The BMW breach is already claimed to be a high profit start for violators who will attempt to launch a major phishing campaign.

Data breach news are helpful in preventing social engineering scams. As soon as people learn about the breach they know that an upcoming mail should be verified twice.

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