Leaked on purpose

The Intel leakage was intentional, according to both Intel and ZDNet. About 20GB of data tagged “Confidential” and giving information about chipset internal design, camera drivers binaries, Tiger Lake schematics, were leaked to the Telegram channel which posts about breaches happening to major tech giants. Till Kottman who manages this channel received the information about the data leak which occurred in Intel from an unknown individual who pretended to be a data-leaker. The anonymous violator has allegedly procured more details than there was exposed, believes Kottman, and the bulk is yet to come.

The leak stems from inside issues. An unauthorised user found the way to steal the Resource and Design Centre storing restricted-access tech data. The fraudster claims that the information was obtained via an unprotected server hosted on the Akamai CDN.

A stolen laptop led to a $1 million fine. About a month ago it became known that Lifespan Health System Affiliated Covered Entity (Lifespan ACE) would have to pay a considerable amount meeting HIPAA requirements. The employee who got robbed of the device appeared to have his laptop unencrypted. This made the non-profit organisation splash out on compensation and cover the security deficiency allocating $1,040,000 to pay to the Office of Civil Rights coming to terms with HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.

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