Awareness doesn’t prevent from human factor

According to the recent survey, 96% staffers know cybersecurity rules but nearly half of them click emails even if it looks like a phishing attempt.

1000 employees were surveyed from all over the world. 3/4 of respondents claim to have used corporate devices for their own private purposes, including sending emails via personal mailbox – 47%, making financial transactions – 38%, as well as shopping online – almost 1/3 of respondents.

Remote work changed the attitude to the worse for 60% of employees as they started to use companies’ tools for implementing personal tasks more often.
96% of employees who took part in the research said that they knew about potential risks of clicking a suspicious link in social media, on websites, and 64% stated that they received training on safe user activity outside the office before going remote.

45% reported that they could still check such an email and didn’t inform security and risk management specialists in their companies about it.

Among those who completed the special awareness course – 78%, the majority would continue to open spam-looking emails – 60%.

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