South Koreans data was leaked by Facebook

Facebook is penalized by South Korea’s regulatory authority for divulging user data.

Facebook will have to pay $6.1 million for delivering user details to other companies without people’s consent.

About 3.3 million South Korea citizens had their information shared. The Personal Information Protection Commission, local information watchdog, has accused Facebook of breaching the privacy of its users – considering the country’s 18-million Facebook usership in South Korea 1/6 of accounts got involved into the social network’s iniquity. The breach spanned 6 years from May 2012 to June 2018.

Among the shared data there were names, addresses, jobs, place of birth and relationship info.

It is not clear what else could be compromised as Facebook didn’t prove neither denied possible data which leaked to third-party businesses, and there might be about 10,000 of such companies according to a source.

Another fine was imposed by the authority accounting up to $59,000 for false documentation which Facebook is going to object to.

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