An entire database stolen, Microsoft hacked

People’s Energy faces consequences from a massive data breach which impacted all the company’s clients – 270,000 customers got affected.

The scammers took the whole database containing information about not only current clients but used-to-be ones as well.

The data comprised names, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, tariff and energy meter IDs.

It has been reported that financial information remained intact except 15 businesses the bank accounts and sort codes of which have been compromised.

Thus, for some this breach might be a direct financial risk and for the rest it entails a phishing threat.

People’s Energy is now collaborating with the Information Commissioner’s Office and the police in order to launch the investigation into the matter.

SolarWinds appeared to be a loophole for fraudsters who gained access to the systems of Microsoft. They also exploited the Microsoft’s proprietary tools to continue their hacks compromising assets of other victims. So far it hasn’t been clear how many Microsoft customers have had their confidentiality breached.

It has been reported that the attackers could have other initial access means besides the installed SolarWinds products. The investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, Microsoft became the third widely known case of hackers’ intrusion allegedly via SolarWinds after FireEye and the U.S. Departments of Defense, State, Treasury, Homeland Security and Commerce which had to deal with the same issue.

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