Ledger hardware wallet breach echoes with phishing

The investigation into the Ledger compromised security case was launched after the data breach which dates back to June 25, 2020. The incident detection revealed nearly 1 million leaked emails, moreover, 9,500 customers got their names, addresses, phone numbers and purchased products exposed.

The incident boomeranged on a company bringing multiple complaints about receiving phishing emails including some people who reported funds theft due to the attacks. Those who got their phone numbers compromised said to have been showered with malicious messages.

A couple of days ago it became clear that all the collected data was put up for free on the Raidforums marketplace. The identity data of 272,000 Ledger hardware wallet owners was among the uploaded information.

According to the security expert quoted by Bitcoin.com, “Individuals who purchased a Ledger tend to have a high net worth in cryptocurrencies and will now be subject to both cyber harassments as well as physical harassments on a larger scale than experienced before. Other forum members are not appreciating the leaker taking away their potential 6 figure sales for this database.”

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