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Do you get the same result if you choose to pay ransom or not to pay it? Are there any chances your data won’t be exposed? The leaked data is leaked for good.
How did companies manage the issue? Refresh your memory here, here and here!


You have been lectured, you’ve written a few guidelines on how to identify a phishing email, you grimace at phish alert blogposts and scroll for something fresher, see a suspicious email in your mailbox and scroll it even faster not willing to recollect your knowledge about how to identify a threat.
Or you laugh at someone who was tricked by scammers and then happily click a malicious link.

Does awareness prevent?

How phishing happenned to NASA


Yes, we’ve all shifted…
… and SearchInform has made its solution a perfect fit for you as a cloud deployment model!


British Airways were to be charged $183 million for exposing personal data of about 400,000 clients in June 2018, but the final penalty amounted to $20 million only. For sure, many were relieved and thankful, but there totally were some who could put it in words to smack back:

Opt for automated profiling

... because it is legal, whereas industrial espionage is doubtedly so. H&M appeared to be the company which brought on Germany the biggest GDPR fine which was ever issued in the country since its coming into force. The workers were accused of collecting and storing private life data of their colleagues. The fact became known after a mere configuration error when the kept info got leaked.


This spring telecom giants have been dealing with substantial fines for putting up for sale users’ geolocation.

True antiques

Cathay Pacific data breach occurred in October-May 2018, right before GDPR took effect.

Does GDPR have loopholes or drawbacks? Seems so. Sure it does.

GDPR can sort some interfamily disputes! What a case!

Totally breached

About 330,000 Maltese citizens had their personal data exposed in April making it 75% of Malta population. 620 people have filed a claim against C-Planet IT Solutions Ltd, the company which breached GDPR.
Such details as political views were leaked as well among the breached data – whether a person is a Labour or Nationalist voter. No password was needed to access the information.
What did the company do? The company rushed to downplay the severity of the leakage. Quite a disappointing move.

We wish data breaches never happened, and our job is to not let them occur, and we make everything soft-wise possible to minimise the number of them. We wish you a Happy New Year and a safe journey through it!

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