More than 60% of companies affirmed breach experience in last year

According to the newest research, companies and organizations tend to underestimate the risks apart from external factors

"The 2021 State Of Enterprise Breaches" shows, that  enterprises in general spend 37 days and  $2.4 million to find and recover from a breach.  What’s more, research shows, that employees-in-charge of approximately 47% of companies tend to concentrate on external attacks.

However, the real situation differs from this opinion, and most important threats are divided among lost or stolen assets, internal incidents, third-party providers and external attacks. Their share in occurred incidents is divided the following way: about 34% - external actors, 24% - internal events, 23% - lost or stolen assets, 21% - involvement of third-party. European organizations faced 20% of incidents caused by external factors, whereas concerns about them reached the level of 37%. In general, it can be stated, that many companies and organizations underestimate the risks apart from external factors.

According to SearchInform survey, up to 80% of  information security specialists tend to believe, that internal incidents are way more dangerous, than external ones. In this regard, we can offer the following steps, those may help to reduce risks:

✓   Divide accesses to confidential info, only key employees should have it.
✓    Use only encrypted data transmission channels (https, ftps, VPN-services).
✓    Update all software regularly, avoid using outdated applications that accumulate vulnerabilities.
✓    Make regular backups of your data.
✓    Use two-factor authentication to access services (eg CRM).
✓    Educate employees in the basics of information security: tell them about risks, related to phishing and ransomware viruses, explain the necessity of usage of difficult passwords, implement DLP-systems, in order to protect organization from data leaks (which control movement  of any data of any format: files, documents, correspondence).   

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