Avaya system administrator: illegal licenses generating and selling

Avaya system administrator was accused of fraud. It was stated that together with accomplices he sold software with additional options for IP-ATC. The overall sum of their financial operations exceeds $88 million.

Avaya Holdings Corp. develops and sells IP-office, telephone system for small and mid-size enterprises. In order to activate various functions of the system, such as voice mail, users buy licenses generated by Avaya itself. Users can purchase the software licenses from an authorized Avaya distributor or reseller.  

According to the indictment, system administrator allegedly used his system administrator privileges in order to generate software license keys for ATC. Then, his accomplices sold them to end-users and resellers. The system administrator’s wife acted as an accountant.

A fictitious company was established to sell illegal licenses. The intruders sold fake licenses at a dumping price. Received money were withdrawed via PayPal and then transferred to different bank accounts.

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