The ugly in the realm of beautiful, two new personal data leaks’ details revealed

ArtNow gallery customers and artists’ personal data leaked.

Database, containing 10.000 strings, including passwords, leaked to the Internet. The exposed trove contained artists and buyers’ personal data, such as login, email address, mobile phone number, city of registration, password. The leaked information concerned users from multiple countries, including the USA, Netherlands, France, Estonia, Israel.

The textile company Sferra has notified clients about a data leak.

The Sferra company specializes in designation of linen products, as well as decorative home accessories.
Although the incident was detected on 24th of April 2022, intruders had access to company’s servers for approximately two weeks. As a result, the following data was stolen: 
•    names
•    addresses 
•    dates of birth
•    passport details
•    driver's license details
•    social Security numbers
•    bank account details
•    health insurance details
•    electronic/digital signatures
•    credentials.

The overall number of victims hasn’t been revealed yet. According to the official statement, the incident hasn’t affected company’s e-commerce platforms or any data, kept in e-commerce systems. What’s more, SecurityWeek experts has checked the leak websites of major groups, but hasn’t found any mention of Sferra. 

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