Сryptocurrency insider incident and “the great data exfiltration”

Coinbase Insider incident

A former employee of Coinbase notified his relatives about cryptocurrency assets that were about to be listed on the trading platform between July 2021 and May 2022. One of the suspects pleaded guilty and also will return $54,100. According to the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York "For the first time ever, a defendant has admitted his guilt in an insider trading case involving the cryptocurrency markets".  The suspects were accused of wire fraud conspiracy and wire fraud.  Officials claimed that men managed to make illegal trades in at least 25 different crypto assets, obtaining approximately $1.5 million. 

 “The great resignation” is “the great data exfiltration” too 

It was revealed recently, that the “Great Resignation” is accompanied by an enormous data theft. Basing on  360.000 data exfiltration incidents and details, provided by over than 1.4 million workers, the conclusion that plenty of  confidential and IP data has been  exfiltrated recently. According to Cyberhaven nearly one in ten employees will exfiltrate data over a six-month period, and they're much more likely to take sensitive information in the two weeks  before they resign. The most commonly exfiltrated data include  customer  data, which accounts for approximately 45 percent of incidents and source code, approx. 14 percent. The most popular data exfiltration channels are  personal cloud storage accounts and personal email.  According to Cameron Coles, who is the head of  product marketing at Cyberhaven, “exfiltration incidents spike in the two-week window before employees give notice. During  this time, the employee knows they're going to leave but their employer doesn't, so they're less likely to be monitored”.

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