A large database with personal data has been leaked

A 6GB database, which allegedly contains personal information on 16 million users has been leaked. The data leaked affects users of Swachh City.The Swachhata Platform relates to Indian government's program  Swachh Bharat Mission which is aimed at “achievement of universal sanitation coverage”. 
Illicitly obtained by the LeakBase threat actor and then leaked data contains the following:

•    usernames
•    email addresses
•    password hashes
•    mobile numbers
•    one-time passwords
•    last logged-in times
•    IP addresses 

According to the Cyble, the compromised datasets included 101,718 unique email addresses and 15,835,111 unique mobile numbers.

Experts also noted, that the credentials for root, super admin, admin, and QA admin accounts were using weak password strings that were also prone to password  dictionary attacks.

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