Benefits of Managed Security Services

Key benefits of managed security services providers (MSSPs)

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and pose serious risks to businesses and organizations worldwide.

Highly probable consequences of modern cyberattacks are quite well known - an incident may result into critical services failure, which in turn leads to the situation when employees are unable to complete their work tasks for hours or even days; customers are unable to use services. In fact, it is even quite likely that your company may have already experienced some type of such an incident, as the step change in the number of various cyber incidents takes place. 

The damage different cyberattacks cause to businesses indisputably differs, however, it is always dangerous and quite often is critical.  Illicit obtaining and stealing sensitive business and confidential users’ data, demands of large ransoms and critical business processes disruption is among the most serious ones. The cost of restoring operations is also high, and the trust of customers and investors is permanently damaged. Whatever happens, no one should let a cyber incident destroy business. Prevention is better than cure, but if an incident somehow happens, the most important is to act quickly and limit the consequences.

The challenge for businesses

Companies must always be sure that they have secure access to all customer and business data. It is important that all industry-relevant regulations, laws and corporate policies are complied with. It is also a serious and crucial task to implement efficient information security protection at relatively low costs. Another current serious issue –  talents shortage. Onboard infosec experts often overwork and experience too much stress, and there is not enough infosec officers, who may be taken on board. For instance, in 2021 over 50% of state-owned companies’ representatives mentioned their organizations faced the problem of specialists and information security tools shortage.

What are managed security services providers (MSSPs)?

Managed Security Services Providers offer their customers complex protection against cyber-attacks. They also possess up-to-date expertise on the latest cyber threats and thus ensure appropriate protection.

The amount of cyber threats existing grows steadily. Methods of performing cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. At the same time, regulators adopt legal acts and develop new ones, aimed at strengthening of organizations’ protection, which organizations and businesses must comply with. The problem of talents shortage is of critical importance. All the required for efficient protection advanced protective software sometimes costs a fortune. However, there is a solution. Many organizations worldwide tend to work with a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). 

Now let’s focus on the main benefits companies get by in case of partnering with MSSPs.


Five key benefits of working with MSSPs:

  • Costs reduction
  • More time to focus on own business
  • Access to unique expertise and specialized tools
  • Compliance
  • Short response time


Partnership with MSSP enables to reduce costs 

In terms of costs reduction there are a few issues worth mentioning. 

First of all it enables to save on hiring a staff information security expert. In addition, if an outsourcing specialist works with an organization, there is no such problems as a vacation or sick leave. The protection is implemented 24/7. MSSPs also help to save on training costs and ensures that the person-in-charge always has up-to-date knowledge of cybersecurity threats and how to respond to them. 

The second issues is connected with expenditures on software. An MSSP spreads the fixed costs of technology investments across a broad customer base. MSSPs clients save on the cost of in-house hardware and software. 

More time can be used efficiently

An MSSP frees up time. This time should be spent on working on tasks those help to efficiently develop business. There is simply no need to deal with incident management any more. For instance, IT teams can focus on activities like new services development, optimization of some processes etc.

Access to unique expertise and specialized tools

In many companies and organizations information security tasks are part of IT-specialists job responsibilities. But are they really experts in the sphere? Does their knowledge and practical experience enable them to successfully cope with the infosec tasks?  In fact, information security sphere has become an independent sphere of technology and knowledge. That is why it is always better to work together with highly professional and well-trained information security specialists.  Their deep understanding of cybersecurity landscape ad practical experience ensures efficient protection against cyber threats. Such experts can always share a useful advice with a client and provide him or her with useful recommendations.


It is of crucial importance to pay enough attention to compliance due to the following facts: 

  • serious fines are imposed in case of incidents occurrence;
  • regulators’ requirements are based on practical experience and real life evidence and thus are really helpful;
  • regulators pay more and more attention to cybersecurity issues and thus develop and adopt new legal acts, which must be complied with.

One of many MSSPs’ priority is ensuring of compliance. Their experts stay up-to-date and deal with these issues.

Short response time

MSSPs ensure 24/7/365 protection and respond rapidly in case an incident takes place.



In modern circumstances, it is simply impossible to efficiently develop business without reliable cyber protection in place. Due to the amount of cyber threats and their level of sophistication risks, posed for companies and organizations are enormous. Such issues, as talent shortage and high prices for software make it difficult for SMEs to protect well. However, there is a solution – MSSP ensures efficient protection at a relatively low price.

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