Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation experienced a data breach

The incident involving personally identifiable information occurred due to the insider actions. It turned out that a former company’s employee, when still employed obtained and downloaded a copy of an internal report.  It happened because the file was improperly stored on an internal SharePoint site. The following data was exposed: 
•    names
•    social security numbers
•    compensation
•    gender
•    race
•    ethnicity
•    date of birth
and some more.

At the same time, basing on the results of the investigation, company officials claim, that there is small chance that the former employee intended to misuse any of the personal information in the report to harm any employee(s). 

Let’s hope, that no negative consequences of the incident will occur.  However, no one should simply hope that things will turn out all right. It is strictly important to implement a complex approach to information security. It is crucial to train employees in information security and implement advanced protective software. For instance, in terms of limitation of third party access to confidential documents, SearchInform offers an advanced solution – DCAP class tool FileAuditor. The tool is designed for automated file system audit, search for access violations and monitoring changes in critical data.

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