MSSP Business Model

MSSP business model

Before focusing on MSSP service peculiarities it is required to disclose some background details.

The current information security landscape is changing rapidly and significantly. The amount of threats is permanently increasing. They become more and more sophisticated. This means that the  step change in the amount of risks, endangering an organization is taking place.

At the same time data, kept and processed on the organization’s PCs and even in general within the organizations’ infrastructure is very often much more expensive than the hardware itself. Malicious actions of intruders, both external and internal ones, as well as accidental mistakes by employees frequently lead to serious consequences. They include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Financial losses
  • Reputational losses
  • Business process interruption
  • Leak of private data what threatens clients, users and employees

The cyber risks nowadays affect both SMEs and large corporations, governmental bodies and in fact any other organization as well. Taking these factors into consideration it is obvious that it is of crucial importance to implement adequate protection. However, it’s easier said than done. There are some issues, which make it a bit difficult to ensure high-level protection. For instance, information security measures implementation often costs a fortune; there is a severe lack of information security experts on the market nowadays; numerous regulations are coming into force etc.

Now, the time has come to focus on MSSP. Let’s have a closer look at some MSSPs’ basic advantages which help to ensure stability of business:

  • Long-term service contracts
  • Plannable revenues
  • Cut of expenditures thanks to automation and remote maintenance
  • Lower risk through flexibility and scalability

There is a set of tasks, which MSSPs often deal with, let us highlight a few of them:

  • Operating SOC and SIEM
  • Firewall management
  • Ensuring e-mail and web security
  • Monitoring of IT and network security
  • Vulnerabilities detection and remediation
  • Ensuring protection against viruses 
  • VPN services maintenance
  • Updating and patching systems 
  • Consulting services related to IT security

SearchInform provides clients with the MSSP service. The MSSP service is helpful for companies, which do not have an information security department and are willing to plug the hole in their information security; are willing to offload information security department. It should be noted that in case of SearchInform the protection is ensured at three levels:

  • The first level – the file system protection.
  • The second level – protection at the level of workstations, data channels and human-related risks.
  • At the third level the solution implements approach of complex risk and data management protection

To learn more about our approach visit the MSSP page. You may also request the 30-day full-featured free trial here .

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