Leak and misuse of clients’ personal data

Yum! Brands, Inc., which runs the KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and The Habit Burger Grill restaurants reported a data related incident. As it was stated, in January 2023, the incident of illicit unauthorized access to some corporate systems was detected. According to the official statement by the company representatives, intruders managed to obtain the following data:
•    Names or other personal identifiers
•    Driver’s license numbers 
•    Other I.D. card numbers.

However, it was claimed that no proof of identity theft or fraud involving individual users’ data had been obtained. 

Tesla Inc. was accused of misuse of clients’ personal data and violation of privacy regulations. A customer held a claim against the manufacturer and, on behalf of all affected company’s clients,  accused the car manufacturer of irresponsibility, deceiving consumers and violating privacy. The prerequisite for this was the exposure of peculiarities of some internal company’s processes. In violation of rules, company’s employees gained access to photos and videos from cameras, in-build in client cars and shared private client’s photos. 

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