Abnormal event detection

To minimize negative impact, you should be informed about abnormal behavioral events within a corporate network. Risk assessment should be balanced and the management program implemented in your system needs to monitor valuable assets. Intelligent risks evaluation pertains to not only the most protected zones of your corporate structure, but also the least expected areas. Any employee might gain access to sensitive data that could endanger the company's environment.

Atypical event monitoring

A company may not function properly and governance mechanisms can get undermined if atypical activity goes undetected.

Abnormal behavior should be reported in order to enhance control processes. Events that require attention include the performance of aberrant actions and tasks that do not correspond to job objectives.

You should be alerted to possible asset misuse when:

An employee sends out a considerable number of emails within a short time period

A stack of documents has been printed within a short time period

Software configurations and policies are changed

Hardware is replaced

The SearchInform product helps to fine tune your internal auditing. Data will be analyzed and details will be documented. Knowing the weak spots in your organization and its strategy, an internal auditor evaluates risks and focuses the company's attention on those parts of the system that should be examined and brought under control. Incidents can be anticipated if a company is notified of atypical activity.

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