Data at rest discovery

Data at rest is information stored. While users tend to control data that is being transferred, protection of data at rest should not be underappreciated. The most valuable information doesn’t necessarily get channeled – it is often immobile.


Whether it is located on a hard drive or external device, it is as vulnerable as data in motion, although securing data at rest often seems disparaged compared to guarding information that is being transmitted.

In order to protect data at rest, you need to know where all the pieces of your data are placed and how to find them, which is often a problem for many companies. Sensitive information can be easily attacked if it is invisible or improperly managed. To ensure balanced business governance, keep track of your status and document any causes for profit declines.

Searchinform provides you with quick and accurate data at rest. Its discovery entails:

  • reading through data arrays
  • scanning information scattered over various storages
  • classifying data as soon as it is scanned
  • providing insight into what measures can be taken, if needed, after information has been analyzed by the system

The comprehensive solution makes sure your policies are properly configured and that scanned data complies with them. The system improves decision-making, assesses management techniques’ relevance and identifies data that is at risk.

Knowing where your data is stored and how it is being used allows you to mitigate risks, promptly cover compliance breaches, and be aware of any insider activity.