Data visibility

Data is needed to provide you with answers. Unstructured information can’t be properly analyzed and articulately delivered. An erratic collection of data pieces in random formats should be presented as a coherent text. To receive the requested information in a comprehensible manner, it should be clearly organized.

One of the key points is to make data accessible not only to auditors – there should be secure ways for everyone to collect the needed information in a way where details are not transferred to each other via unprotected channels.

  • Keep your data storage automated
  • Don’t be occupied with time-consuming searches and minimize the human factor, reducing the number of mistakes when data is processed manually
  • Easily make management decisions when all calculated data is one step away
  • Find solutions quicker and increase productivity thanks to data visibility


Seeing information means being ahead of what can happen to it. Information transparency helps detect an incident as soon as it occurs due to full awareness of all processes concerning data handling.

If data is systemized and available when needed, monitoring is conducted impeccably. The software puts corporate information in order, allowing you to bring attention to the upsides and downsides. Knowing a company’s strengths and weaknesses makes it possible to focus on allocating tasks.

Calibrated data visibility ensures that all the processes regarding sensitive data are accountable. The installed software examines the data stored, verifies regulatory compliance, and assesses risks in order to notify you of the current status and policies’ relevance.

SearchInform solution audits data storage and discovers confidential information located in the open access places of your corporate network. The system allows you to monitor which data is stored on the employees’ workstations, as well as where to and by whom it is being uploaded. A content routing report makes messages and materials being communicated internally or outside the company visible – senders, recipients, distribution channels and destinations are promptly identified.

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