Human Factor Digitalization as a Part of Employee Monitoring

Driven by a company's revenues and promotion as well as the number of satisfied customers, individual employees' psychological assessment has become a key element of strategic decision and risk management.

The main task of personnel management is to find a time saving method to get information about the psychological characteristics of the employees. The results of the assessment will help top managers and HR officers to make a sensible decision regarding promotion or demotion of an employee, access rights to the confidential information, financial assets and valuable resources of the company, etc. Moreover, the best way to assess the staff is to profile all new hires and current employees.

Find insight into employees’ psychological profiles will help to

  • know exactly how to motivate and what demotivates your staff
  • better train each individual employee
  • promote employees within your business
  • design specific job positions
  • set clear standards and touch base with your employees
  • ensure real-time communication
  • understand some employee risks in your business

All these steps of the performance allow creating team synergy in the workplace as well as preventing corporate incidents. And it’s not enough just to monitor employee computer to foresee a user’s inclinations.

SearchInform ProfileCenter will shape a psychological profile of an employee based on the information collected by the data loss prevention software. The component recognizes basic values, opinions and inclinations of a user based on the written text analysis upon over 70 criteria. All results are displayed in various reports with explanations and recommendations according to the psychological type of person.

The employee monitoring software component creates a user’s psychological profile and predicts his/her behavior. The automation of profiling allows companies to benefit from the methodology without third-party profilers being involved.

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