Measuring employee morale

Even the most elaborate HR strategy can be pointless if staff members are not inspired. One displeased employee might agitate the whole team and encourage the colleagues to turn against top management, to sabotage work, or destabilize the business by propagating destructive feedback.

Unenthusiastic moods are detrimental to colleagues’ well-being and a company’s profit level. Gossiping and procrastination are the most common disruptors of team work. Malign tendencies can originate from employees who:

  • are not satisfied with their tasks or working conditions
  • are uninterested in development
  • spread negative attitudes among colleagues

Employees may also think of changing jobs, become easily distracted by their own problems, feel undervalued or, on the contrary, over-empowered.


The solution allows you to mitigate tension and apathy within a team thanks to intelligent monitoring. It is better option to observe a minor perturbation and handle it rather than dealing with the need to restore employee morale and rescue corporate reputation.

The system tracks specific indicators that threaten the corporate microclimate and analyzes the collected information in order to reveal risks, evaluate a company’s existing policies, and determine whether the risk management program conforms to the required level.

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