If no real-time control has been integrated, the auditing remains incomplete. Analysis and retrospective investigation are crucial, but when abnormal events are not reported promptly, incident detection becomes an intricate and difficult task.

Real-time monitoring alerts you to any occurrences, including data misuse and violation of access rights. Real-time tools keep track of any changes made to information, data transfer, and even the viewers who are reading it.

Following corporate activity in real time is important for business processes control and maintenance management and ensures that financial governance is transparent and that operations concerning a company’s profit are reasoned and well governed.


Such an objective as compliance, productivity and cost control is fully regarded by the SearchInform solution. You will be able to monitor the ways your budget is distributed, whether the most beneficial options are chosen and the right decisions are made. Real-time compliance control lets you stay aware of regulatory updates and conformity levels.

Real-time monitoring allows you to stay updated on changes in current information flow and improves decision-based management.

The ongoing diagnostic process lets you keep track of the system status as to whether or not there are anomalous events and also help with incident source detection.

Real-time monitoring contributes to the development of constant operating methods.

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