Productivity monitoring, or project time tracking software, is an essential part of risk management program. Understanding actual employees’ time allocation around specific tasks enables transparent measurement of project KPI’s and adherence to organizational requirements. Employee monitoring software allows you to learn about weak spots within the developed tactics and business processes or discover ineffective methods in HR management.

Effective remote employees management requires implementation of time tracking solution. The system enables you to monitor employee’s computer activities, record them, and view them when required.


Make sure that

  • applications are being used for work related activities during work hours
  • applications are active and aren’t running in the background
  • adequate time is spent on a particular task
  • your employees don’t work overtime or experience issues in fulfilling an assignment
  • deadlines are met, punctuality and preciseness are maintained
See how the software facilitates every step

Time tracking software collects and analyzes information concerning work hours, notifying you of employee productivity levels.

What employee productivity depends on?

The program provides a manager with a detailed report, based on the analysis of employees’ activities.

Tracking staff members’ involvement makes it possible to determine which projects being run by employees are profitable and which are inefficient. Every employee has his or her own work pace, and individual approach to taking breaks. The system follows each employee’s activity and allows you to analyze both his or her specific work rhythm and results.

A friendly and productive atmosphere in the workplace is vastly affected by the human factor and behavioral patterns which can, at some time, grow into a habit or even backroom rites and rituals that are detrimental to corporate culture and work process.

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of employees spend more than 2 hours on the Internet for non-work activities
- up to one hour

*According to the respondents at the 2019 Blackhat USA Conference

Shared Services Centers

Shared Services Centers

Guarantee performance transparency:

  • Get informed about which resources are involved and which services are provided, know the recent status of delivered services and decide on planning resources allotment.
  • Facilitate processes conducted from remote locations.

C-Level executive needs a linkage between corporate objectives and risks hampering progress achievement. Moreover, chief officers have to elaborate an action plan to deal with those risks in an environment where team motivation and employee responsibility play a key role.

Remote teams

Remote teams

Remote employees are a full-fledged part of your team. Stay in tune with their activity, keep track of the common progress and ensure fruitful interaction.

Automated time tracking allows you to monitor remote employee usage of the Internet, assess contribution into the workflow, provide equal participation in a relevant task.

Business Operations Manager

Business Operations Manager

Employee monitoring software assists with planning and organizing business internal activities, supervising a number of departments, analyzing, managing and coordinating resources and profitable or new dynamic projects.

Project managers

Project managers

Measure a project success, evaluate task completion time and decide on whether a task demands that more sources and processes should be involved.

Time tracking software helps you estimate the amount of work and reconsider planning. It lets you make sure that each stage of the team’s performance meets the requirements.

Call centers

Call centers

Receive detailed reports on productivity of each employee maintaining motivation and levelling off the difference between shifts and remote locations. Boost the understanding of how much time should be allocated to a specific job or clients support, including dealing with complaints and requests.

After one of our clients installed the solution it was revealed that 52 employees of a 225-member staff spent almost 1 day each week trying to solve job unrelated issues regarding poor communication between departments, low understanding of how to implement a task and figuring how to set deadlines so that everyone could complete an assignment – issues which can be settled much quicker when they are known.

The instrumental blend fuses technologies for project management, time tracking and productivity analysis which brings clarity into each employee’s role within urgent and long-term tasks and assists with successful assignment fulfilling at every stage of a project.

Help your team feel

RESPONSIBLE for the success they are part of

AWARE of project terms and requirements

EMPOWERED to control their job

EQUAL as processes are transparent and no one is privileged to sabotage them


Real time control

Remote employee monitoring

Dozens of report templates will show you what and where should be improved to achieve goals

Email alerts to problems in task completion can be set and customized

Special Web interface to access results of monitoring while being outside the office