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Learn how to choose the appropriate deployment model depending on the structure of business processes and access a comprehensive monitoring toolset fast and with no effort.

When data gets transferred outside the corporate perimeter and is processed in the cloud, the traditional model based on an established risk management framework which tackles compliance with internal security policies and practices becomes secondary.

Risk Monitor can be deployed in the cloud providing you with the same set of instruments which get deployed on a client’s server to control activities within your company.

In this white paper we will highlight the main risks of cloud services, strengths of controlling virtual infrastructure and the benefits of deploying a cloud model to monitor your business processes.

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The cloud deployment model lets you gain access to the complete set of performance control and time tracking instruments without purchasing or allocating a server and hiring or assigning specialists to integrate the solution.

Control of the workflow can be launched fast and easy. SearchInform provides a customer with a specialist and deploy the solution on its server or lets a company choose the cloud provider to store and process all the data there.

A customer is offered a subscription-based service which ensures access to real time performance control, multiple report templates, remote employee monitoring, email alerts and a special web interface for instant obtaining of monitoring results.

Download our white papers with practical advice

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