International team

Sergey Ozhegov

Chief Executive Officer of SearchInform.

14 years in IT and risk management, contributing to the company’s success, handling business processes and strategic decision making.

The founder of SearchInform Road Show series of conferences which is conducted annually all over the world.

Ricardo Martinez

Business Development and Partnerships Manager (Latin America) at SearchInform.

Four decades in sales management. Over 20 years of leadership experience as Promotion and Sales Leader, General Manager, Business Development Manager and Business Advisor.

Vladimir Prestes

Country Managing Director (Brazil) at SearchInform.

Promotion of information security and risk mitigation solution. Business strategy development. 17 years of successful experience in sales management, new market expansion and business launch.

Alexey Chigirev

Regional Business Development Manager (Latin America) at SearchInform.

Master of Business Administration, Master of International Relations. Former Russian Export Center representative in Argentina.

Jorina van Rensburg

Managing Director of SearchInform office in South Africa.

25 years in consulting companies, providing organisations with security and data protection solutions, boosting the awareness of human factor and cyber risks in the region.

Andre Grove

Head of SearchInform office in South Africa.

Expert in promoting risk and compliance solutions for RSA and sub-Saharan Africa.

Two decades in ensuring secure connectivity and network availability in the banking sector, over 25 years in providing security products for a wide range of businesses and organisations.

Yamen Mustafa

Regional Managing Director (the Middle East and North Africa) at SearchInform. International relations graduate.

Alexey Pinchuk

Chief Business Development Officer at SearchInform.

International Law graduate, specialist in project management and market research, strategic planning, legal support.

Mihajlo Prerad

Director of Sales (Europe) at SearchInform.

Cybersecurity and Risk Management Advisor. Information technology and networking specialist.

Network visibility technologies expert, 8 years in promoting IT infrastructure security solutions in EMEA.