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Data overexposed in manufacturing sector


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According to the recent report made by Varonis, manufacturers risk losing too much data if they don’t manage their internal access rights properly. The manufacturing sector might want to review the standards regarding security policies and establish some new rules regarding access to confidential files within a corporate perimeter.

The report emphasises the overexposure issue. 50 organisations were analysed and about 4 billion files were processed to draw the outline highlighting internal information security problems.

Nearly half of organisations – 44% – had over 1000 documents accessible by any employee in a company. It was also found that an average worker can access about 6 million documents right on the first day after being hired.

Thus, internal information security, particularly overexposure, seems to be a real problem for a manufacturing sector demanding quick attention.

Varonis report also emphasised that 78% of corporate files can usually be deemed stale ones requiring proper archiving or even thorough deletion. In more than half of companies – 56% – over 500 accounts could be logged in with a never expiring password. The rest of the respondents revealed keeping above 1000 active accounts the users of which were no longer actually using them.

Overexposure can be dealt with thanks to an ongoing file audit and introducing of security policies regulating the ways in which data can be shared. Learn more how to practice healthy data classification and access rights management.

What are other common types of cybersecurity issues in 2021?

  • Password attacks

Easy passwords facilitate hacker intrusion. In 2021 remembering about the importance of creating a strong password, not sharing it and changing it for another one when the time comes, is still a problem. Considering that the number of services grows, it is obvious that the problem will keep aggravating due to the necessity to interconnect more and more devices and apps and isolating the data of multiple various accounts at the same time.

  • Ransomware

It takes patience and time, but this doesn’t scare violators who keep finding ways into a company infiltrating malicious software through the weak spots inevitable in any company’s system.

  • Phishing

Identity theft, personal information oversharing, major data breaches result in sophisticated phishing making us check every content and sender twice.Verizon came to the conclusion that over 1/3 of data breaches reported in 2018 involved internal actors.

More statistics allowing to pry into the next year:

According to Varonis, 62% of information security incidents which happened in 2020 concerned credentials theft, brute force attacks and phishing attempts.

Experian draws our attention to a possible enterprise-wide attack on a national network of a major financial institution which might happen in the nearest future.

Also, Experian states that touch ID sensors, facial recognition and passcodes are said to be the focal point of an attacker’s intent, as biometric security will be facing intensive security issues.

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