SearchInform Among the World’s Best DLP Developers
The Gartner research company included the SearchInform solution in the Gartner Magic Quadrant – Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention. Every year, Gartner, the world's leading IT research and analytics company, ranks the best DLP solutions and decides on their position in the Magic Quadrant, considering level of technology implementation and strategic vision of a company. Experts in Gartner noticed that SearchInform Data Leak Prevention held strong positions in the Russian and CIS market of information security systems, as well as had good prospects for entering foreign markets. Experts described modular structure of the system as a strength of SearchInform DLP.
“SearchInform is a suitable choice for organizations that want to take a modular approach to DLP, where some systems only enforce printing control, and other systems might enforce a full suite of DLP capabilities,” noted Gartner experts.
Also, experts of Gartner noted strong DLP analytical capabilities, including speech-to-text transcription capabilities, modular structure, strong image analysis capabilities and other important features among the SearchInform DLP strengths.
“For the first time we presented our product to Gartner experts for analysis. It is good to know that the first step was not a failure, and experts appreciated in value the product and company. Last year, we significantly extended capabilities of SearchInform DLP: presented solution to secure voice data and capability of image authentication, developed agent for Astra Linux OS and image categorizer. I think inclusion in the Magic Quadrant is one more confirmation of our successful movement forward. SearchInform DLP is a solid leader in the domestic market of DLP systems, but we have great plans on entering markets of Latin America and Europe. That is why evaluation and recommendations of experts from the globally acknowledged company will help us implement projects abroad faster and more proficiently,” commented on the news the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SearchInform Leo Matveev.
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