SearchInform Opens up Profiling Activity Line
In March, the company SearchInform announced the launch of a new activity line – profiling in information security. For this purpose, the company created a special division. It was headed by the expert profiler Ivan Birulya, ex-head of the security department of the group of companies T.E.L.S (Transeuropean Logistic Service). Profiling is a set of psychological methods and techniques for assessing and predicting human behavior on the basis of the most informative particular features, characteristics of appearance, non-verbal and verbal behavior. In business, profiling is used to identify fraudulent activities, predict and detect destructive behavior of employees that can damage the company. This is especially important in the context of practical issues of information security. The division of profiling in SearchInform will work in three directions:

1. Training clients on the basis of the SearchInform Training Center

The first training program "Profiling in the Service of Information Security" was held in March 2017. Experts discussed issues of criminal tendencies in the human nature, personnel risks, predicting behavior of employees, obtaining important information about an employee and other aspects of profiling.

2. Providing services on the customer's premises

Experts of profiling of SearchInform will be visiting company’s office on request and solve the tasks in cooperation with the company's information security experts.

3. Researching in the area of automation of analysis and prediction of human behavior

The company plans to supplement the functionality of SearchInform DLP with a module that will simplify the work on predicting employees’ behavior.
"The fact that our clients are interested in the training course on profiling once again showed that this line has great prospects. The method helps solve the most complicated problems, but this work requires much time and human resources. We stake on making it as easy as possible for the information security expert to work in this area. We understand that the machine will not replace the analyst expert, but DLP system is very capable of collecting and presenting data in the most convenient form," explains Chairman of the Board of Directors of SearchInform Leo Matveev.
SearchInform Security Director and Head of the Profiling Division Ivan Birulya is a practicing expert in the field of profiling and information security.  For more than 10 years in the past, he was heading the information security department of companies in different industries. He has extensive experience in conducting official investigations. Also, he developed his own methodology based on several schools and directions of profiling in Russia.
"I've been studying profiling for eight years. The transition to SearchInform gives me the opportunity to take the work to a new level: here I have the opportunity to apply the methodology to a large number of companies, learn the experience of clients, identify their needs and work towards automation of some duties  of the profiler. I am confident that this cooperation will allow us to create a tool that will be useful for our clients in combating new challenges in the field of information security," said Ivan Birulya.
SearchInform plans to introduce a new feature of SearchInform DLP by the end of 2017 – beginning of 2018 within the framework of profiling tasks. Automation of some features of profiling and their integration into DLP will allow each client to take advantage of this activity line and improve the work of the information security department.
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