SearchInform Sums up the Road Show in Latin America

The event was held in 7 countries and received 377 participants: security specialists, as well as owners and managers of the companies.

This year the experts of SearchInform have presented the new concept of information security boosted from standard data leak prevention to the system dealing with all the risks caused by human factor.

The Money Loss Prevention concept monitors employee behavior and protects the company from all types of fraud, therefore, enhancing business defense and minimizing not only reputational, but financial loss.

The experts spoke on SearchInform DLP + Forensic Suite integrated system, where each component is responsible for solving specific tasks. SearchInform DLP controls all communication channels, checks information that is stored within the company’s network, and notifies about violations of security policies. Forensic Suite controls all work processes and employee activity and reports on suspicious events.

The speakers provided the examples of the incident investigation and protection against staff risks taken from real case studies.

Special attention was given to the legal aspects of information protection and control of employee work hours. Experts talked about the requirements of legislation in the field of information security as well as regulatory documents necessary for the implementation of infosec solutions.

“The Road Show in Latin America has fulfilled our expectations. The participants of the conferences got involved in a highly productive interaction taking part in active discussions during the coffee break and round table. I believe that we’ve chosen the right event format, which has allowed us not only to share our expertise, but also to get feedback from customers and integrators. We’re planning to launch such info security conferences twice a year, so maybe this year we’ll repeat the experience,” noted Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform.

SearchInform organizes annual events for info security specialists from different parts of the world: the CIS, Russia, and since 2018 from Latin America and South Africa. The company’s experts together with potential clients discuss relevant issues and trends in the field of information security. Following the Road Show, SearchInform experts prepare a research and share the results in autumn, 2018.

In spring, 2017, SearchInform entered the market of Latin America. The company is represented in Argentina and Brazil. The company has 17 offices in the CIS, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and South Africa. SearchInform products protect more than 1.2 million PCs in 2,000 organizations in 16 countries.

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