The first leg of Road Show MENA 2018: three seminars have been held 18-25 July

Money Loss Prevention: futuristic security got the resonant start in Lebanon which was followed by seminars in Iraq and Egypt.

The presentation of the new MLP concept was focused on real life experience providing the audience with typical as well as exceptional incidents and the ways of preventing consequences. All the attendees were free to share the stories they had heard about and ask as many questions as corporate risks may produce.

The events were supported by local partners contributing to awareness growth in the region. The company drew major attention to internal threats which might be detrimental to businesses while remaining undetected for a long time.

The speakers emphasized the functions which a standard DLP system doesn’t cover: employee behavior, sabotage in the workplace, fraud, moods and tendencies, conspiracy, illegal sale can be discovered, tracked and managed. The participants learnt about the comprehensive solution monitoring data transfer channels and reporting violations. IT experts and chief executives obtained the information on how to integrate the system and optimise it for industries. 

The attendees took part in the anonymous survey prepared to explore the international information security level and share the results with local businesses.

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