SearchInform has held a webinar for South Africa

The webinar started at 11:00 am South Africa Standard Time on September 13. Jorina van Rensburg, CEO of Condyn and representative of SearchInform product in the region, spoke about internal control importance and measures to prevent fraud.

During the session attendees learnt how to improve their risk management strategy and how to ensure an intelligent business processes governance. Financial and reputational threats were emphasized, cases from clients made it comprehensible how inside schemes get plotted, revealed what corporate channels are used to undermine company's status and how malicious or inefficient behavior can be detected.

The key points of effective risk management program were discussed as well as methods of going from reactive to proactive monitoring.

SearchInform solution was refferred to as a complex performer which provides you with the system of techniques reading your corporate network, alerting to abnormal activity, analysing current situation and defining those areas of your business which require specific attention and optimal decision making.

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