Insider Risk and Fraud Executive Briefing

Insider Risk and Fraud seminar will be conducted on the 9th of April in Johannesburg and on the 11th of April in Cape Town. The briefing will focus on such internal issues as insider threats and their impact on business alongside cyber threats. Security and risk managers are getting aware of the increasing concern over employee malfeasance. The comprehensive tactics is boosting analytic capabilities to provide an organisation with investigative instruments and report high-risk behaviors.

SearchInform together with CONDYN and Secnovate – risk and compliance, cyber security solutions providers – will present the new concept based on a comprehensive approach to internal threat mitigation and comprising techniques for risk and compliance management, fraud prevention, employee monitoring, high-risk behavior reporting, and instruments to control activities within and outside your corporate network.

The speakers will give you the examples of real life case studies attracting the attention of attendees to the diversity of challenges which are posed in front of specialists from different fields and can be solved by taking control over all the departments in your company.

“We present our system as a solution which can attract attention and gather specialists from five different professional areas. Among the professionals who are interested to attend there are internal auditors, risk managers, human resources, information security and internal control officers. And we are glad our product can answer such a wide range of questions from corporate fraud investigation and general trends in risk management to most specific details of the DLP capabilities,” says Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform.

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