SearchInform at Cyber Defence Summit

On 8-10 March, 2020 SearchInform together with SRIC Technology will present the internal threat mitigation platform at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center as part of Cyber Defence Summit.

The company’s solution will serve as a keystone of the cyber risk mitigation concept and will demonstrate ways in which your company’s inside and outside communication can be protected.

Cyber Defence Summit is convened to approach issues endangering information and communications technology continuity and progress and come to grips with non-compliance and dissemination of sensitive data.

The event is going to host about 10,000 attendees, 1,100 decision makers, 35 speakers – more than 20 countries will be represented.

The participants of the summit will share their tactics and techniques regarding internal policies and practices evaluation as well as ensuring the relevancy of corporate regulation, security configurations and applied instruments.

The objective is to advance technologically and mentally toward puzzling out hidden threats and intricate scheming and resolving detected violations.

We welcome you to visit the venue and join the company at the booth A 38-39.

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