SearchInform is to visit Midrand and Cape Town

SearchInform’s concept will become a central part of the Road Show in South Africa to highlight the key factor of many incidents concerning sensitive information and corporate assets and focus on an insider as the source of a violation.

Midrand will be the first venue for the company – March 31, and Cape Town will be the second to host the event – April 2.

The most reasonable way specialists responsible for risk management can keep track of a security situation is to see from an insider’s perspective. Knowing steps violators might make, detecting behavior patterns and understanding of how they think allows a professional to prevent risks by diagnostic of an intent and capturing of activity causing concern.

The speakers’ presentation will emphasise the practical side of dealing with latent threats. The actual response of such instruments as DLP, SIEM, DCAP- and DAM-based systems will be showed and deconstructed in detail.

Real cases will be studied together with the attendees and explain how to spotlight violators and keep them think they are hidden while launching investigation.

The participants, with whom the company will share its success stories which give example of accurate risk mitigation, are going to learn how an early warning system works and how the preventive measures can be taken regarding identification of data theft from DBMS, IT sabotage, fraud and confidential data leakage.

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