Tech Global and SearchInform sealed the deal in South Africa

During the meeting held between the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies and Tech Global, as well as face-to-face meetings with local companies, the negotiations between Tech Global and Ntiyiso Consulting were initiated. The potential client was offered SearchInform products – data leakage prevention solutions, time tracking software, file system auditing and database monitoring instruments.

Ntiyiso representatives rated the products high and purchased the TimeInformer software licenses for their own use and agreed to represent SearchInform in South Africa and sell the solutions within the region.

“We have been working with local partners in South Africa since March 2018. Thanks to the cooperation with Tech Global we found a new client and a new reliable partner in the region. We see the growing demand for and involvement in risk management sector and data protection solutions from both commercial organisations and government. And it’s no surprise, as the general tendency for business and government digitisation is pressing all over the world. I think this deal is only the beginning of the mutually beneficial work of our companies,” concluded Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform.

“We like the approach of Ntiyiso Consulting. The company will market SearchInform solutions within the region but decided to deploy and experience the products themselves learning about how the solution manages business issues in practice. Ntiyiso as any business this year has tried to rebuild the usual processes to go remote and ensure uninterrupted and efficient employee performance. The specialists of the client have already completed the training course, installed the licensed software and launched TimeInformer,” shared Giorgi Mikaberidze, CEO of Tech Global.

Tech Global helps companies which launch communication and information technology projects. Their strategy is to assist organisations by developing international B2B and G2G network.

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