SearchInform at Cyber Security Summit 2021, Bangladesh

SearchInform took part at the Digital Security Summit, which is considered Bangladesh's most innovative cyber security event. The summit offers unique educational and collaborative opportunities, focusing on cybercrime protection for government institutions and organizations.

Uniting the latest innovations and ideological leaders from across the public and private sectors, the conference enlists diverse industries, such as high technology, finance, energy, education, healthcare, etc.

During the summit Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform scrutinized the topic of personal data leaks in government organizations, specifying the restrictions that prevent government agencies from advancing in data protection and suggested ways to solve this problem.

One of the key solutions is the creation of State Centers for Monitoring of Data Breaches. These Centers will enable the public sector with the best information security practices, as well as help to allocate budgets on it wisely and efficiently.

There will be no need for information security specialists for each state agency, as the Centers will take government institutions under protection centrally. The Centers will be equipped with modern software and trained experienced staff.

The Centers’ information security specialists will monitor what is happening with information in government agencies, preventing leaks and other critical hazards, and investigate the incident if it occurred.

Sergey Ozhegov: “According to statistics, for today, 80% of leaks are caused by insiders, whereas, the security is still mainly built around protection against hackers. Government agencies are poorly protected from insider risk, as there is not enough protective software. In fact, even if it is there, it is often a problem to find a specialist to work with it. Therefore, Centers for Monitoring is a new approach towards data security. The creation of State Centers for Monitoring of Data Breaches will solve the problem of both the shortage of security software and personnel”.

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