SearchInform at GITEX GLOBAL 2022

From the 10th – 14th of October, the GITEX 2022, world most significant high tech exhibition took place in the World Trade Center, located in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.   

This vociferous event is one of the brightest global tech venues of the year. Businesses from all over the world gathered those days to exchange their experience and present numerous innovative concepts. 

The information security landscape continues to change rapidly. The number of information security threats is evolving permanently, as well as they become more and more sophisticated. 

SearchInform, as a leading vendor in the sphere of information security, has developed a number of tools, which help to ensure protection against internal threats, implement data protection and risk mitigation. During the exhibition, SearchInform representatives Sergey Ozhegov, CEO, Alexey Pinchuk, GBDO and Yamen Mustafa, RDME were happy to present advanced information security tools.  The public was especially interested in SearchInform DCAP class tool – the FileAuditor. It performs the automated file system audit, searches for access violations and monitores changes in critical data. In other words, it solves the problem of monitoring the security of critical data.

Other major solutions by the company were presented as well. The attendants were impressed by the DLP system by SearchInform, which not only deals with basic tasks for this tool, but  solves other numerous corresponding  issues. They include, but aren’t limited to: 
•   data encryption
•   file system access distinction
•   detection of monitor photographing attempts
•   remote access tools control
•   data protection in cloud services.

Thus, seamless integration of the FileAuditor with the extended DLP system by SearchInform significantly enhances organization’s protection.

Experts also admitted the importance of the implementation of the most complex SearchInform solution –  the Risk Monitor. The tool helps to avoid financial losses caused by internal threats thanks to:
•    detection of incidents involving corporate fraud and profiteering
•    controll of the human factor and HR risks prediction
•    protection of confidential data from leaks during its storage, use and transfer
•    facilitation of regulatory compliance and investigation processes

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