SearchInform held a seminar with its Algerian partners

SearchInform in collaboration with it’s Algerian partners Engisoft and SERVICE Soft presented the advanced solutions  designed to ensure comprehensive protection of businesses and enhance their operational efficiency.

During the 360-degree information security: How to make your business more efficient and secured seminar the experts shared up-to-date information about security solutions. With the help of illustrative cases they revealed, how the solutions can be used in real-life situations to ensure comprehensive protection of businesses.  

During the seminar, experts focused on the following issues:

  • Decreasing data leak related risk
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Classifying vulnerable data
  • Protecting against human factor related risks.

Attendees were provided with the recommendations on how to prevent data leaks, avoid compliance breaches and increase employee productivity and how innovative technologies by Engisoft and SearchInform help to achieve these goals. 

In terms of SearchInform solutions, ENGISOFT executive, Nabil Ouiles, said, "We are ready to recommend them to the market as they meet the basic requirements of companies today. They have advanced functionality that makes your work as easy as possible, and to top it all off, they have comprehensive support, what distinguishes them from competitors."

"We are delighted to be working in Algeria with a stalwart like SearchInform. The vendor's portfolio of solutions boasts a complete range that comprehensively shields against insider risks. We are happy that representatives of Algerian companies met with SearchInform in person and discussed issues, which are important for them", said Adel Taguemont, SERVICE Soft executive.

"This was our first live event in Algeria. We were happy to meet managers, IT and IS specialists  in person and to share advice on how to enhance organization’s protection. Due to the fact, that our solutions are used by various organizations in more than 20 countries worldwide, we have a lot of  hands-on experience which we shared with the attendees. With the further digitization, more and more government representatives, business owners and managers, as well as other responsible employees understand, that ensuring of appropriate level of data protection is of crucial importance. Thus, they are willing to enhance their organizations’ protection. We were happy to provide recommendations on data protection related issues and explain, how our solutions help to deal with crucial task of enhancing an organization’s protection”, told Sergey Ozhegov, CEO at SearchInform.

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