Sales Training for the West and Central African Partners

Mohamed Salah Sayari, International Sales Manager and Business Development African Network conducted a training for the West and Central African partners.

SearchInform is committed to nurturing strong partnerships by investing in the growth and development of our partners. Recognizing the crucial role of knowledge and expertise in achieving success, the training program was meticulously designed to empower the partner sales managers with essential skills and insights crucial for achieving heightened sales results.

SearchInform has hosted such events for its partners on a number of occasions and intends to continue to do so in order to share knowledge and maximize the positive outcome of the partnership.

Our speaker shared knowledge about:

  • Company products
  • Particularities of working in different markets 
  • Sales techniques
  • Use cases and more.

Moreover, the program was tailored to address the unique challenges and demands that sales managers encounter in their roles.

We would like to thank our partners who attended the training, namely:

  • Brel Soft, Benin
  • Istelcom, Benin
  • Distributer HAFS Afrique, Ivory Coast
  • SSN network, Republic of Cameroon 
  • SecuTic, Ivory Coast
  • CIS, Ivory Coast 
  • GTN, Ivory Coast
  • Amsar, Togo.

The endeavor to share best practices and collectively elevate skill sets is a testament to SearchInform's dedication to maximizing partnership potential. It's within these moments of knowledge exchange and skill enhancement that the foundation for successful partnerships is laid.

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