SearchInform presented its information security protection solutions at a seminar in Indonesia

SearchInform, the leading risk management software developer, introduced its solutions at the "Riding the Waves of Risk: Data Security and Risk Management Insights" seminar. The event took place in Jakarta on 25 of October, 2023. The organizer was Tri Kreasi Mandiri Teknologi, the SearchInform’s regional partner in Indonesia. Experts of both companies gave presentations for about 50 participants including representatives of state organizations and potential end-users of the region.

SearchInform came up with four presentations about its key products: FileAuditor, DLP and Risk Monitor. These solutions empower businesses and organizations of the region to safeguard their critical data, ensure regulatory compliance, streamline investigative processes, and mitigate the risk of human errors in handling sensitive information.

"The event was incredible and well-prepared. We were asked dozens of very relevant questions about information security problems and how SearchInform helps to deal with them.  We also discussed the recent update of our solution  - geolocation of workstations determination without GPS usage  that raised significant audience interest", said Alexey Pinchuk, SearchInform Chief Business Development Officer

Among the advantages of solutions, appreciated most of all by attendees were: solutions’ high speed of operation, low load on server and PCs, deployment within several hours (not days, as in case of a lot of competitors). What is more, our internal threat mitigation platform is based on the one single platform/module that provides a client with in-depth analysis of the current operations on corporate PC’s and servers, as well as keeps record of complete history of the operations for an entire period.

Another feature, not commonly found on the market is that our company provides flexible licensing and transparent pricing policy. Besides that, SearchInform products allow its clients to meet local standards of regulations without losing competitive advantages but acquiring the defense in depth approach to mitigate risks. 

SearchInform provides the advanced solutions to mitigate risks of data losses, primarily caused by internal threats - employees’ fraudulent activities and human error. Moreover, the SearchInform’s innovative  insider threat protection platform  includes not only features of DLP system in its classicсal interpretation, but also the wide range of tools for performance evaluation in the workplace. 

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