SearchInform and Nexta Distributor Summarise Their Work in the Region for the Current Year

On the 29th of November, SearchInform together with NEXTA ÇÖZÜM DANIŞMANLIK A.Ş. once again presented its solutions and summarized the results of the current year at the partner network meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.

SearchInform, the leading developer of risk management software, is working with Nexta Distributor to protect data and mitigate risks associated with insider threats in the region. Together SearchInform and Nexta Distributor are actively expanding their reach in the local market.

The joint partner event in Istanbul was attended by 27 representatives of companies from various industries. The representatives of the both organizers presented their reports to the audience.

Elena Varol, Regional Manager at SearchInform, reiterated the company's approach to providing comprehensive protection against insider threats at all levels of corporate information systems. The SerchInform representative also summed up the results of the year, including: reaching 3000 active users in the region, participation in 6 profile events in Turkey (including an international information security exhibition) and active localisation of solutions to local market requirements.

Soner SarIçayir, Information Technologies Director at NEXTA ÇÖZÜM DANIŞMANLIK A.Ş., presented flagship SearchInform's solutions – next-gen DLP Risk Monitor and DCAP system FileAuditor. In addition, Soner SarIçayir detailed local examples of the use of the company's modules and discussed the results of this use. The speaker also took time to answer questions from colleagues.

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