Sales Manager Training for Partners

The journey to a fruitful partnership doesn't end with the signing of an agreement - it starts there.

SearchInform understands the importance of equipping of our partners’ teams with the necessary skills and knowledge. Therefore, we have developed a training designed to enhance capabilities and drive increased sales success. Yamen Mustafa, Regional Managing Director Middle East and North Africa and Mohamed Salah Sayari, International Sales Manager and Business Development African Network will be delivering a sales training session for our partners.

The training will focus on:

  • DLP
  • FileAuditor
  • Risk Monitor.

Sales Manager Training for Partners is also tailored to address the specifics of working with analytical instruments, the operating principles of different controllers, and the unique challenges sales managers face.

SearchInform often receives requests for training from our partners. These trainings are a great opportunity for both parties to share best practices. We are always ready to maximize the potential of our partnerships by providing in-depth knowledge and sharing experience.

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