Pacific International enhanced its protection with the DLP solution by SearchInform

The DLP solution was implemented in Pacific International in August 2023 to ensure protection  against internal threats and data leaks.

Pacific International operates in the sphere of industrial solutions and services to Iron & Steel, Power, Aluminium, Oil & Gas, and Petrochemical Industries. Being one of the industry leader, the company processes troves of innovative, sensitive and confidential data. This data requires appropriate handling and protection, thus, the company’s management decided to implement the  DLP system

“In today’s real-life circumstances it’s simply impossible to ensure safety of corporate assets without implementation of advanced data protection solutions. The core component of the corporate data protection system is a DLP solution. DLPs prevent sensitive data leaks, in our case, technical details and drawings; data on business processes; agreements and some customers’ data. To make sure, that all the data is protected reliably, we decided to implement the DLP solution” – told Blesson K Sam, IT manager at Pacific International Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Blesson K Sam also mentioned, that today DLP systems must be capable of ensuring protection against a vast range of threats, provide customers with plenty of functionality and offer the flexible approach.

“SearchInform DLP advanced capabilities turn it into the next-gen system, which ensures protection against the widest range of internal threats. One of the most useful feature, which we appreciated, was the large amount of pre-configured security policies: more than 250 presets, both universal and industry specific ones, are available out-of-the-box. The advanced analytical capabilities, on the one hand, enable to rapidly and efficiently implement monitoring and obtain the required data, on the other hand, they reduce the amount of false positives and don’t interrupt work processes. Luckily, we didn’t detect any critical incidents, such as exposure of personal details, confidential corporate data leakage, corporate fraud. However, some cases of attempts to perform unsafe data transmission, which violate our security policies were detected and we successfully prevented them.”

Mr. Blesson K Sam also reported, that in case with various IT and IS systems it is often a complicated task to understand, how to work with the system work, but that’s not the case of SearchInform.

“Quite often you have to deal with the problems on your own – technical experts are unavailable and you have to examine large and unclear manuals. We were impressed with the SearchInform’s approach  – first of all, the solution’s interface is user-friendly; secondly, the vendor’s  experts were always online and ready to help, shared only useful practical advice and sent clear. Besides, they stayed in touch with us after the full-scale implementation and continued sharing best practices.” – added Mr. Blesson K Sam, IT manager at Pacific International Pvt Ltd.

In turn, the DLP system vendor’s CEO, SearchInform’s Sergey Ozhegov told:

“We work hard to make sure, that our solutions counter maximum number of threats and help customers to benefit as much as possible and contribute to their businesses’ prosperity.  It’s important to understand that ensuring of information security is an inevitable part of business development. Our strategy is based on this promise, and the testimonials of our clients prove our efficiency of our strategy.” 

About the companies:

SearchInform is the risk management products vendor, one of the industry leader. More than 3,500 companies across 20+ countries are SearchInform clients. Today, the team has products and services for comprehensive protection against insider threats at all levels of corporate information systems: FileAuditor (the DCAP class solution); DLP system with extended functionality; Risk Monitor (advanced platform for internal threat mitigation); SIEM system. 

Pacific International Pvt Ltd. founded in 1996, is based in India and provides industrial solutions and services to Iron & Steel, Power, Aluminium, Oil & Gas, and Petrochemical Industries including Refineries. The company has a team of professional engineers an has gathered rich portfolio of Industrial Products. Being a major market player, the company supplies products as well as participates in projects.

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