Ichitan Group PCL Protects Corporate Secrets With new gen DLP

Thai beverage company, the major drinks and tea producer deployed SearchInform’s DLP to eliminate internal threats to information security.
Ichitan had a request for a data leakage prevention system that would enable the company to classify sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access and forwarding of data by users who do not have the necessary permissions to handle it. 

After analyzing several solutions in the market, it took advantage of the option provided by SearchInform to test the next-gen DLP Risk Monitor before being acquired. As Ichitan stated, the free trial showed how effective could be business processes when data is stored securely, but the risk of access rights violation is fully eliminated.

Due to the successful free trial of SearchInform’s DLP, Ichitan deployed the solution for permanent use as it corresponded with the company’s needs in terms of ensuring information security.

"It is important to us to protect corporate data, primarily our product formulations. For a long time, we understood that we needed to implement a specialized solution and were glad to have the opportunity to test the SearchInform Risk Monitor for free. First of all, we appreciated how quickly the solution was deployed. Moreover, during the trial, we were convinced that the solution was fully suitable to our needs. Risk Monitor provides much more than protection against data breaches. We are gradually implementing new security policies that will also allow us to monitor employee activity and protect information from any internal threats," commented Senior Information Security Specialist of Ichitan.

"We are pleased that Ichitan Group PCL. has appreciated all the features of SearchInform Risk Monitor. The solution allows our client to have full control over any data movement and to monitor users' actions and changes they make to data. In other words, it covers all types of internal risks, such as data leak prevention, employee errors and fraud, negligence and discipline violations. SearchInform Risk Monitor allows having an archive of incidents, users’ traffic and actions that is helpful for a retrospective investigation. An additional advantage is that our solution can be deployed within a few hours, not months as in case with other competing products", said SearchInform CBDO Alexey Pinchuk.

According to the survey conducted by SearchInform, 64,3% of Thai companies increased their budgets on information security last year. Moreover, 35.7% of them named internal incidents as more dangerous than external attacks.

About the companies:

Ichitan Company  is a Thai beverage company that produces green tea, herbal, fruit and energy drinks. The goal of the company is to be a leader in quality drinks and fast innovation which walks along with a better society. Mr. Tan Passakornnatee has a strong intention to build a stable-quality business and move forward on helping and providing a future for Thai people.

SearchInform is a 100% private company that develops risk management products being one of the industry leaders. More than 3,000 companies across 20+ countries are SearchInform clients. The development team has been creating search technologies for unstructured data since 1995 and started developing information security solutions in 2004. Today, the team has products and services for comprehensive protection against insider threats at all levels of corporate information systems.

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