New Features of EndpointSniffer SearchInform: Data Access Control and Control of Software Installation


Back to news SearchInform presented updated version of EndpointSniffer that enables setting individual rules for protection of computers and information on it.

Control of access to folders and files

  • Access to folders rule

Now, the platform allows blocking access to certain folders and their contents to all users, except those specified. Access is controlled when you set the rules Access to folders.
  • Access to disks rule

In the same way the updated system allows you to control access to logical disks and their contents. When you set the particular rules, you enable access to all drives for only specified users, other users will be blocked to access all drives (except for the system drive). Access to drives with a logical name (for example, F:) is also restricted. The feature of access control will be useful to useful information security services: security officers will be able to "block" folders and drives with sensitive data to all, including system administrators. Actions in these folders / drives are not written in the audit log. Before SISP agent was intended to control data flows (and employees too, of course), and now it is developed for the purposes of information protection as well,” notes Ivan Mershkov technical director of SearchInform. Every company has employees that work with the most sensitive data, and restriction of access to their computers improves greatly security system of the company. For example, there are top-managers and security officers’ computers that contain many files unavailable for third parties. You can just control these files or can simply restrict access to them and eliminate this risk.

Control of software installation

The updated platform features the option of blocking installation of unwanted software on workstations. The agent makes a snapshot of the system, making the list of installed programs. Any new attempt of installation (including through MSI package) is blocked. This feature simplifies and improves work of IT department. But above all, the feature will be helpful for top management and information security departments.