New Features of TimeInformer: Web-sites Classification and Work Schedule Control

SearchInform released a new version of TimeInformer work time control system. The updated program is easier to operate and considers better peculiarities of a company.

     1 click here to read.Classification of web-sites

Previously, unknown web-sites visited by employees automatically fell into the category Other sites, from where they were manually distributed by thematic groups. The web-site name does not always speak for itself, so to determine the category you had to visit the site, evaluate it, understand the purposes for which it could be visited by the staff.
Now TimeInformer does it itself. Once in 10 minutes, the program processes all unknown resources, distributing them thematically: dating sites, travel, social networks, online games, news site, online shopping, sites for job search, and others.

The classifier is enabled on the tab Administration SettingsProgramSniffer settings. You can configure preferable interval for classification.

      2. Only working hours control

The updated version of TimeInformer considers the working schedule of a company. Before, the program by default considered Saturday and Sunday as holidays, as well as it fixed beginning and end of employees’ activity. Now, the system has a work calendar where you can include a work schedule of a company: all weekends and holidays, as well as substitutions.

The system does not have a preset calendar (the product operates in different regions with various peculiarities of a working day). So, customers are able to fully configure the calendar. Do you plan vacation on the Unity Day? Mark 3-4 November as a pre-holiday and holiday. Did you schedule a 10-minute break every two hours? Warn the system – and it will be even more accurate to evaluate productivity of employees during the day.

Note: TimeInformer did not change but extended its features, so the customers still can view reports as before or according to the specified working hours.

In the nearest future, the system is to be able to cluster employees in different groups of users to monitor activity of whole departments according to particular settings.

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