SearchInform Improves Pricing Policy of TimeInformer


Back to news On 15 September 2016, SearchInform introduced subscription for TimeInformer work time control system – now the program is available on a subscription basis. According to the updated pricing plan, customers can obtain licenses for 3, 6, and 12 months. The flexible pricing plan allows companies to control efficiency of work even of temporary employees at minimum expense. Subscription for TimeInformer with a limited timespan has complemented the existing options of the system use. Before, users had to choose only between two options: paid perpetual license and free version of the program with a limited quantity or operation period.
“We understand that reasonable expense of budget is important for our customers. So, we have implemented the flexible pricing plan. Our clients have options: to use TimeInformer as a solution that operates without limit in time, or as a service that fulfills a short-term task. It is useful for companies with a changeable amount of employees when, for example, temporary staff are hired for a particular project or period. Now, to evaluate work efficiency of employees with a short-term contract, it is not required to buy perpetual license – there are more favourable options,” explains Dmitry Izosimov, head of the TimeInformer Partner Relations Department.
TimeInformer is the software that automatically controls employees computer activity. The program reveals what employees are busy with during their working day, as well as monitors activity of users in any program and application. The system can even control employees working remotely.