SearchInform and Speech Technology Center Presents Solution to Secure Voice Data


Back to news Common solution of SearchInform and Speech Technology Center automatically analyses communication channels and prevents data breaches through voice communication. Integration of SearchInform DLP with Speech Technology Center system allows you to automatically recognise speech, process it into text, and analyse data to detect violations of security policies. The solution simplifies work of information security experts who previously had to monitor and analyse themselves suspicious audio files. SearchInform DLP provides control and recording of user conversations, but it was possible to run only attribute search within recorded data, which made it impossible to detect conversation content without eavesdropping. Moreover, eavesdropping of all files took quite much time and resources.
“Speech Technology Center solution allows getting good-quality and quick result,” says Technical Director of SearchInform Ivan Mershkov. “Despite natural slurring of some words in pronunciation, the system recognises speech with maximum accuracy. It is worth mentioning that SearchInform DLP does not use external resources to detect speech.  The process is local, and data does not leave corporate network, securing sensitive data.” “Our common solution significantly simplifies and increases work efficiency of information security departments. Security experts do not have to analyse recordings themselves – the system will itself perform text decoding, and a human will take part only when a real threat is detected. It can be a threat of commercial secret revelation or other breach of important corporate data,” comments Development Director of Speech Technology Center Alexey Zakrevskiy.
In last two years, SearchInform DLP has extended its capabilities of analysis of various types of data. So, the system user can now employ:
  • Search by video (now, to find and view some particular part of video, you don’t have to view the recording in full).
  • Search by stamps (allows detecting transmission of scanned documents by standard samples of stamps).
  • Analysis and categorisation of images (helps classify passports, credit cards, and other documents of a standard patterns).