SearchInform DLP – First Russian DLP System Featuring Image Authentication


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The SearchInform company has integrated Oz PhotoExpert technology of expert analysis (forensics) of digital images in SearchInform DLP. New ImageControl module in real time mode authenticates images according to specified criteria and warns that the image was edited. This is the first similar solution in the Russian market of information security systems.

Modification of images is one of the most common methods of fraud – today every user can do it with the help of the simplest editor.  At the same time, it is not an easy task to detect modifications without special tools and skills. In order to detect modifications of digital image in the data flow, experts of SearchInform developed the ImageControl module based on the Oz PhotoExpert software complex.

Oz PhotoExpert software solution uses nine algorithms when authenticating a digital image. The most common frauds are considered: ImageControl detects cloning and shifting of image parts, pasting parts of other image, adding and deleting details of image, creating passport images with special software and other fraudulent activities. Authentication also includes analysis of meta data and detection of irregularities in EXIF tags. Results are provided in a convenient form – graph drafts indicating modified parts.

ImageControl module in SearchInform DLP detects evidences of image modification and identifies modifications at two levels: in the mode of rapid analysis and detailed forensics. The advantage of the solution is complex analysis of image. During rapid analysis, basic algorithms are employed tadalafil cost. Detailed forensics involves all available authentication algorithms.

“Though digital document flow has increased in companies, the Russian market of information security systems till now was lacking a reliable tool capable of rapid authentication of image. Due to the cooperation with Oz PhotoExpert, we have got a functional antifraud solution that was successfully integrated in SearchInform DLP strengthening fraud protection,” said Ivan Mershkov, technical director of SearchInform.

“Features of OZ PhotoExpert are in demand in banks, insurance companies, and other companies actively using and implementing electronic document flow. We are glad that cooperation with SearchInform will make our solutions available to even more Russian companies,” commented CEO of Oz PhotoExpert Artem Gerasimov.