SearchInform DLP Upgraded to Control ROSA Linux, a Domestic Operating System


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SearchInform, the leading information security company in the CIS region, upgraded SearchInform DLP to control ROSA Linux operating system.

Current and potential clients of SearchInform have taken an active interest in supporting domestic OS. This is due to the import substitution and adoption of domestic operating systems by government institutions. SearchInform and NTC IT ROSA signed a cooperation agreement on February 1, 2017.


 “Technology partnership with Russian software developers is one of the main priorities of NTC IT ROSA. Today we feel the market demand for complex Russian solutions, especially in the field of information security. A strong cooperation with SearchInform will allow offering Russian customers full-fledged solutions for the organization of a secure IT infrastructure,” noted Sergei Aleksandrov, CEO of LLC NTC IT ROSA.

The agents of SearchInform DLP adapted to Rosa Linux OS control the following information channels: corporate mail, personal mail, HTTP(S) traffic, FTP, social networks and forums, cloud services (Dropbox and others).


 “We see that commercial and especially government institution are gradually switching to domestic software. Therefore, we closely cooperate with LLC NTC IT ROSA in this direction. It is important for us that a customer is able to protect confidential information with the help of SearchInform DLP and at the same time use a domestic commercially available OS,” commented Dmitry Gatsura, head of the development department of SearchInform.

NTC IT ROSA is a Russian software development center of public domain software. The product line of the company consists of desktop and server operating systems, certified under the requirements of regulators, the management system of virtualization environment ROSA VIRTUALIZATION, and other products. The partner programs of NTC IT ROSA include the cooperation with software developers, hardware manufacturers, systems integrators and hardware/software integrated solutions developers.